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Parent survey about the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

In response to the threat, our survey design team with guidance from educators globally has designed a simple set of questions you can ask your parents to understand their readiness for a home schooling scenario and where they may need support.

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Self-assessment for staff wellbeing

Why did we bother to create a tool for self-assessing staff wellbeing — a topic that has been on Head Teachers’ minds forever? What is the difference between self-assessment and simply thinking about a problem?

This blog post will cover 3 ways self-assessment can add value to solving a problem — through adding structure, generating conversation, and identifying gaps in evidence.

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“Working with Edurio has helped us harness the power of national benchmarking”

In the first year of Edurio’s Staff Retention project, Brook Learning Trust (BLT) ran the Staff Wellbeing and Working Conditions Survey in two of its three academies. 

What convinced the team at BLT to participate in the first year of a brand new research project? 

We asked Education Director Nicola Taylor. Her answer:

‘’Working with an external partner on important research that serves a bigger purpose... The schools who participated in the Edurio survey were able to benefit from additional rigour in the design and application of the survey as well as the quality of feedback and analysis received following its completion.’’

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TALIS 2018 and Staff Retention in Schools

Last week, the OECD released results from its latest Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS). This was the third time the OECD surveyed teachers and school principals worldwide to gather information on key aspects of the teaching profession and what schools and policy makers can do to strengthen it.

In England, 2376 lower secondary teachers and 157 principals completed the TALIS 2018 questionnaire. We were very eager to read the initial findings as just last month, Edurio published the first findings from our own Staff Wellbeing and Working Conditions Survey that involved more than 10,000 school staff in 322 schools and 23 multi-academy trusts across England.

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Improving Staff Retention in Academies

Findings from 10,530 responses to the Edurio Staff Wellbeing and Working Conditions Survey

Over 10,000 academy staff members from across England have responded to our Staff Wellbeing and Working Conditions Survey so far.

Today, we published a report highlighting our first findings.

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Worksheet: Survey results analysis and communication

A resource that will help you make the most out of your survey results

When it comes to analysing survey results, it can be difficult to know where to start! Whether you are a person who notices the negatives first, or someone who only focuses on the positive, it is important to go through your survey results in a systematic way, taking into account your organisation’s specific context. Once you have made general conclusions about the results, you need to share them with others — so a key element is having a strong communication plan ready.

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Stakeholder feedback at United Learning

An inclusive approach to school improvement

It’s been two years since Edurio started working with United Learning on their Learning from Learners project — a focused effort on collecting and using pupil feedback to improve schools. We value our partnership and look at United Learning as an example for others to follow — regularly using stakeholder feedback across different roles and for different purposes at every level of the trust to continuously learn and improve.

We recently had the chance to talk to the team at United Learning to learn more about how it all got started and the impact of the project so far.

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Into the Loop: Setting Goals

In this “Into the Loop” series of blogs we will provide you with the tools you need to start using data for school improvement — from the initial self-reflection to the collaboratively designed action plan.

In the previous blog we explored what you might want to consider before taking on a journey of evidence-driven school improvement. This time we start the work by setting clear goals.

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Understanding teacher retention in England

Edurio is launching one of England’s largest research projects on staff retention in schools.

While there are many factors of staff retention that are out of school’s control, like economic and geographic factors, some schools seem to be much better at retaining their teachers and support staff than others. We wanted to help schools and multi-academy trusts understand what they can do to improve staff retention, which would deliver better educational outcomes and save money.

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What can we learn from 21 Ofsted Multi Academy Trust reviews?

While there is uncertainty in the air about the future of Multi Academy Trust inspections, since 2014 Ofsted has been carrying out focused MAT reviews, giving each Trust a detailed inspection outcome letter. We read through all 21 of them to identify what are the common areas Ofsted believes most MATs should improve in.

While each MAT is unique, we found 4 common themes that occurred consistently in the inspector comments: improving governance, collaboration, data-use, and equity.

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