Reflect on your international school’s Covid-19 response

Edurio is pleased to launch a global study of Covid-19 impact in international schools.

Participate to find out where your school has done well and understand better where concerns have arisen for your pupils, staff and parents. Gain insights into topics like workload, communication and remote learning and be better prepared for future disruptions.

Edurio has helped over 1000 schools globally evaluate their remote learning provision and we have designed pupil, parent and staff survey instruments to give your school insights into the period of disruption.

Get a report on your results and contribute to a research report on Covid19 impact on international education! We've designed the survey in collaboration with school leaders and will be writing the research report in collaboration with Professor Lynette Shultz from the University of Alberta.

Research topics

The surveys are designed based on research and practitioner interviews to highlight topics most relevant to schools. Edurio is collaborating with school leaders and researchers to make sure the survey instruments accurately reflect the needs of schools.


Staff and pupil well-being is a priority in managing disruption. Isolation and uncertainty have caused stress and additional workload. Understand where additional support is needed

Survey themes
Pupil Wellbeing
Staff Wellbeing
Digital safety


Guiding schools through this period has been an unprecedented challenge for school leaders. Discover how stakeholders have felt about the clarity and support available to them.

Survey themes


Remote learning has been challenging for pupils, parents and staff alike. Reflect on your existing processes in order to be better prepared for future disruptions.

Survey themes
Remote learning
Technology support
Educational equity


Parental support and sense of community are important elements of remote learning. Find out how well your stakeholders have maintained a sense of belonging and engagement.

Survey themes
Parental engagement

Cost of participation

We have designed the project so that any school can take part at no cost and get access to the insights that can help guide your work. Three ways of participating in the research are available:


No cost

PDF summary of your school’s results

Top strengths and areas of improvement identified

Participate in the national report

Benchmarked results


Interactive detailed results for your school benchmarked against similar schools

Cost depends on school size

Tailored research


Tailor the survey to your needs with Edurio survey design expert guidance

Run the survey as a personalised  email campaign

School's branding and custom communication

Call with Edurio's education team to review your results

Cost depends on school size

Express interest

Edurio’s research

Edurio is a globally leading stakeholder feedback platform for schools, based in London. We run research projects in the UK and internationally and create guidance reports for school leaders and policymakers. Edurio’s survey platform allows easy data collection and reporting on any topics.

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