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If you wish to be a part of an ambitious impact driven EdTech startup which highly values transparency and team well-being, this is the place for you!

Engineering Manager

Edurio is on its way to improve education quality globally and we’re looking for great people to help us grow rapidly! Edurio works with over 1000 schools in the United Kingdom and internationally. We collaborate with leading academics and Ministries of Education to improve the quality of education across schools. Our product helps school management make better decisions by delivering tools to effectively gather stakeholder feedback and visualise data.

We’re looking for an Engineering Manager to lead a team of 6 developers and scale the team, as Edurio grows.

What would be your responsibilities

  • Helping developers set clear goals for themselves, in collaboration with the product manager, and support them in their delivery.
  • Establishing, promoting, and maintaining processes to ensure work quality (sprint discipline, code reviews, test coverage etc.).
  • Collaborating with our Operations Team for evaluating and recruiting new developers.
  • Prioritising and weighing technical needs and solutions, and communicating this to the product manager.
  • Supporting the professional development of the development team.

Required skills

  • Experience with scale-up web product, ideally SaaS with at least 5 or more developer team.
  • A deep understanding of leading a team with the following technical stack:
    • Back-end - PHP 7.*, Laravel, Redis, Node.js, Python,
    • Front-end - Vue.js 2.x, Bootstrap, SCSS,
    • DBMS - MySQL, ElasticSearch,
    • Version control - Git, Gitlab,
    • Infrastructure environment - AWS (EC2, RDS, S3, ELB, and others), Linux.

Necessary attitudes

  • Belief that it is important to challenge the views of others.
  • Belief that giving and receiving feedback is valuable.
  • Belief that development should be driven by customer benefit.
  • Belief it is important to talk about their failures and successes openly.
  • Belief that a commitment is very important to be honored.
  • Belief that people can be trusted.
  • Belief that it is beneficial to seek help when stuck.
  • Belief that it is important to get better at what you do.

You will get

  • Experience in an ambitious international startup and a chance to impact education quality all over the world.

  • Opportunities to cultivate your interests and grow with the company.

  • A feedback based work culture which highly values transparency and team well-being.

  • A clear focus on your personal growth.

  • Flexible working location.

  • Starting Net salary: 2750 EUR + company share options.
If you’re interested in this position, please contact by 6th of April 2020.



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