How can a wellbeing survey improve staff retention?

How can a wellbeing survey improve staff retention?

One of a school's best assets is its staff. In schools, our staff are the people guiding our children through the learning process and preparing them for the outside world.

Yet, in recent years, we've seen our school's stress levels tested more and more, all to provide the best for our children. Staff were especially tested during the pandemic, from working from home, planning online lessons and catch-up sessions, to generally sacrificing their mental health and facing burnout from work. But did you know employee wellbeing can play a crucial role in a school's performance? If you can guarantee the wellbeing of your staff you're more likely to see a positive impact on your workforce culture, employee engagement and productivity. Not only this but staff wellbeing can be linked to your school's retention rate. 


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If you want to make sure your school is performing as well as it can, or if you're worried about the retention rate in your school, a great way to reduce staff turnover is to learn from your staff's experience. Talking to your staff and learning how to support their mental health and work-life balance can have positive effect on your school. Of course, this is often easier said than done, as measuring mental and physical health and general staff wellbeing can be challenging. Nevertheless, if you're a trust and looking to assess employee wellbeing, a wellbeing survey can help with this, as the data produced from your respondent's feedback can be used to show you support employees. 


Here at Edurio, we created the Edurio Staff Wellbeing and Working Conditions Survey to help trust and school leaders guide their strategy for staff wellbeing by better understanding the key elements of the working conditions and relationships in your organisation. The survey was developed in collaboration with the UCL Institute of Education, with guidance from multi-academy trusts and school leaders across England.

Run this survey to: Evaluate staff wellbeing and understand the key risks to staff retention for your organisation. Compare your staff wellbeing score with England's largest national benchmark.

Get insights into: Workload, professional support, career development, leadership dynamics, staff relationships, student behaviour and other key factors

Respondents: All staff (with some questions just for teachers)

Length: 40-50 questions (10-15 minutes)


Interested in what we've discovered so far with this survey? Check out our first report analysing over 10,000 responses from academy staff across England.

6 Areas Addressed by the Survey


More Details

Tailoring: It is important that the survey reflects the values and ethos of your organisation so you are able to add custom questions.

Edurio platform: We provide seamless surveying, simple and powerful analysis, tracking progress and other useful features. Read more here.

Trust and national benchmarking: Survey results can be compared to a trust and national level benchmark as soon as adequate amount of respondents have completed the survey.


Once your respondents have completed your survey questions, you will know what support they need in their work environment. The survey results and employee feedback can then help you think about initiatives you need to take to demonstrate that you care about employee wellbeing. Whether it's learning to praise good work more or having more employee support around health issues.


"We are very pleased with our results, it was fantastic to hear that our primary schools staff engagement outperforms others in such a large MAT survey sample. But we equally value the constructive feedback in areas for improvement. The free text responses have provided us with rich qualitative data that school leaders are sharing and working on with staff, and it is certainly informing my HR strategy in The Good Shepherds Trust’s journey of continuous improvement."

— Joanne Cambra, The Good Shepherd Trust

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