School improvement cycle: Collect evidence, then use it for school improvement

Evidence-Driven School Improvement

A guide for using non-academic data for education policymakers and school leaders. Our step-by-step book aims to guide policymakers and school leaders in school-led, evidence-based improvement by providing a set of tools for gathering the right data, making evidence actionable, and establishing a culture of collaborative inquiry. 

At Step 0: Before Getting in the Loop this book will guide you through a series of self-reflection exercises to audit your schools’ preparedness for introducing a culture of feedback.

Then, at Step 1: Set Goals we provide a structure for setting a clear goal for your engagement with feedback data, so you structure your vision for more evidence-based work.

Step 2: Gather Evidence focuses on choosing the most appropriate data sources and collecting feedback. Here we provide practical tips on building a good survey, as well as organising classroom observations and structured discussions.

Steps 3 and 4 guide you through the process of data analysis, as you explore feedback data and begin to draw conclusions. Here we cover data exploration to avoid jumping to conclusions, with reflection questions and examples to show the thought process for analysis.

Finally, Steps 5 and 6 are all about translating your learnings into school improvement. We do this by designing a data-informed action plan and providing a structure for revisiting the school improvement processes regularly.


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