How can you best support your pupils in learning and well-being?

The Edurio Learning and Well-being Review will help you gain a better understanding of your pupils’ learning experience and well-being.

The review monitors key elements of pupil experience at school to help you better understand your pupils’ needs and priorities as well as design strategies to mitigate the impact of Covid-19.

Edurio helps over 1500 schools in the UK and internationally to analyse stakeholder feedback. We partner with leading school groups and academic institutions to design pupil, parent and staff survey instruments that help school leaders make better decisions.

Pupil Wellbeing and Learning Review – Wheel

Research topics

The survey instrument was designed by Edurio in partnership with the academic advisors and trust leaders. The survey instrument is based on research and practitioner interviews and validated with thousands of pupils.


Learning excellence
Learning excellence investigates how pupils feel regarding key elements of their learning experience. Pupils will be asked to share their feelings around factors linked with learning excellence.

Survey modules
Learning process


Pupil well-being is critical, especially during the current period of disruption. The survey will cover pupil views on their well-being as well as the factors that contribute to well-being.

Survey themes

Health and emotional well-being


Learning environment
Learning environment looks at how pupils feel about the entire school experience. Do pupils feel represented in decisions that affect them and how positive their relationship is with the whole-school community.

Survey themes
Pupil voice
Extra-curricular activities

Participation costs

No cost

  • PDF summary of your school’s results
  • Top strengths and areas of improvement identified
  • Participate in the national report

Benchmarked Results 
£200-£950 per school

  • Interactive detailed results for your school benchmarked against the national picture
  • Call with the Edurio team to review your results
  • Participation in the national report
  • Cost depends on school size

Tailored Research 
£300-£1350 per school

  • Tailor the survey to your needs with Edurio survey design expert guidance
  • Run the survey as a personalised  email campaign
  • School's branding and custom communication
  • Analyse pupil data using demographic filters such as pupil premium or free school meals
  • Call with the Edurio team to review your results
  • Participation in the national report
  • Cost depends on school size

Express interest

If you are interested in learning more, we would be happy to schedule a video call to demonstrate the Edurio platform and discuss The Pupil Learning and Well-being Review in more detail.

During the call (30-45 minutes) you will:

  • have a look at the survey questions
  • get to know the data collection process
  • experience Edurio results exploration
  • receive answers to any additional questions you may have

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