Edurio's Survey Suite for Schools

Use parent, pupil, and staff voice to drive school development

Evaluate and inform your school development plan with evidence through non-academic data. 

Save time, focus on what matters to stakeholders not on the task of collecting and producing data. 

Show your stakeholders their voice is valued and contributes to the school community. 

School improvement cycle: Collect evidence, then use it for school improvement

Interested in how to make the most out of survey data in your school?

The Survey Suite for Schools

Pupil Wellbeing Survey: For Primaries and Secondaries

Pupil Wellbeing Survey

This survey is designed to gain a better understanding of your pupils’ school experience. It provides a comprehensive understanding of key elements of pupil experience at school, such as their wellbeing and engagement, to help you better understand your pupils’ needs and priorities. 

Staff Experience survey: Teacher wellbeing

Staff Experience Survey

This survey enables leaders to understand the experience of staff within their school. It provides insight into the key drivers of wellbeing and retention, such as workload and relationships. It enables leaders to highlight aspects of the working environment for strategic development.

Parental Engagement Survey: The whole community

Parental Engagement Survey 

This survey is designed to understand and improve parental engagement. It looks at the communication, culture and trust in the school between parents and staff. It allows schools to understand which current engagement strategies work and which strategies need adjustments.

"For me, the Edurio survey allows all staff to have a voice - an open, honest and safe voice - that can be heard, celebrated and used in a way that ensures further development of school practice, school policy and the school ethos ensuring everybody involved - staff, pupils and the community - continue to move forward together."

— Simon Davies, Deputy Head Teacher, Silverdale Primary Academy

About Edurio

Seamless data collection: Quickly and easily gather feedback from students, parents and teachers. Surveys can be accessed on computers, tablets or smartphones.

Questions that matter: Questions validated and researched in conjunction with industry experts and researchers at the Institute of Education at UCL. 

Staff Wellbeing question examples
Edurio results visualisation benchmark

Insightful Results: Access the results across your schools instantly within the Edurio platform. The platform highlights your strengths and areas of improvement. 

National benchmarks: See how your school’s results align with the largest most up to date UK school benchmark, including primary and secondary benchmarks. 

Tracking Progress: Monitor changes in stakeholder perceptions over time with regular surveys. 

Once your respondents have completed your survey questions, you will know what support they need in their work environment. The survey results and employee feedback can then help you think about initiatives you need to take to demonstrate that you care about employee wellbeing. Whether it's learning to praise good work more or having more employee support around health issues.


Start using the Edurio Survey Suite for Schools

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To find out more, schedule a meeting with our schools partnership team.

During the meeting we will:

  • understand your strategic ambitions
  • review the survey questions
  • explain how to implement an effective survey
  • demonstrate the Edurio results platform
  • discuss examples of the impact experienced by other schools

About our work

We believe that in order to improve education, it is critical to understand the unique perspectives and experiences of pupils, their parents and members of staff. Our team of education and design experts has developed industry leading research-based surveys and a unique survey and analytics platform. We are working with over 1000 schools and Trusts across England to use stakeholder feedback more strategically and improve the quality of education they provide.

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