Within the video below, we can hear from Beatrise, our Research Executive, about the behind-the-scenes processes involved in producing our Pupil Safeguarding Survey in collaboration with The Key. The video outlines how the survey can be an excellent tool for exploring the following areas of safeguarding within your organisation:

Our Pupil Safeguarding Survey can be used to gain a deeper understanding of your pupils’ safeguarding experience. It helps evaluate your organisation's safeguarding strategy at scale and reveals aspects of safeguarding not covered by policy audits and incident trackers. Furthermore, you can gain practical ideas to improve safeguarding across your schools, all whilst contributing to national research that guides policy and practice.

Designed with education safeguarding experts, the survey results provide insights into factors contributing to a safe environment, the level of safety felt in various school settings and pupils' understanding of what to do if they feel unsafe.

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