Edurio Unlimited: A New Era of Educational Feedback

Edurio Unlimited: A New Era of Educational Feedback

Edurio Unlimited:
A New Era of Educational Feedback

Explore how unlimited, tailored surveys can enhance outcomes for pupils, staff, and parents.

Wednesday 5th June | 2-3 pm
Edurio Unlimited Webinar

How can trusts and schools utilise surveys to drive continued progress? And how can you easily identify which areas most need improvement?

This informative webinar draws from the experience of Liberty Academy Trust and Manchester Hospital School leaders to highlight how integrating unlimited stakeholder surveys into your improvement journey can generate actionable insights, ensure continuous progress, and enhance outcomes for pupils, staff, and parents.

Join our live webinar to unlock:

  1. Unlimited Surveys:  Conduct frequent in-depth and quick surveys for agile decision-making and improvement
  2. Diverse Survey Options: Utilise 50+ tailored templates and pre-written questions for staff, pupils, and parents
  3. Flexibility & Autonomy: Manage surveys independently with centralised feedback
  4. Success Stories: See the impact of regular feedback on progress over time

Whether you're already an Edurio customer or exploring new options, don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionise your feedback processes and achieve educational excellence!

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Iona leads on turning Edurio’s national datasets into useful and impactful insights for trust and school leaders. Since joining Edurio in 2021, Iona has worked on national reports focused on topics such as equality, diversity and inclusion and staff retention.


Ernest is the CEO of Edurio, England’s leading stakeholder feedback platform for schools and school trusts. He is a frequent public speaker both in the UK and internationally on the effective use of stakeholder feedback in schools and has published extensive research on stakeholder feedback, staff wellbeing and school improvement.


Molly leads the Customer Success team to ensure customers are at the heart of Edurio. She has guided numerous schools and trusts across England on their improvement journey and helped them collect, analyse, and implement feedback from thousands of stakeholders.


Lisa has over 20 years of experience working with data and systems. She has exceptional insight into the challenges trusts face in using data to support strategic management, as well as proven experience of using data and systems to drive school improvement at scale.

Lydia MacArthur

Lydia helps Manchester Hospital School provide education for children and young people who cannot attend regular school due to ill physical or mental health. Manchester Hospital School is a school like no other, striving to help children with special needs whilst being a beacon of excellence in its field.

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