Strategic Feedback: Toolkit for Impactful School Stakeholder Surveys

On the 20th of June, 2023, we hosted the Stakeholder Feedback webinar, ideal for CEOs, COOs, Directors of Education, Executive Heads and anyone leading an improvement strategy. 

Watch the webinar recording now!

This webinar guides trust and school leaders in how to get the most out of stakeholder feedback surveys by providing a set of tools for:

  • setting goals
  • gathering the right data
  • making evidence actionable
  • establishing a culture of collaborative inquiry 

Collecting stakeholder feedback allows you to measure the impact of your processes, celebrate successes and identify areas of improvement.

During the session, we also launched our brand new Stakeholder Feedback hub, filled with free guides and downloadable resources that will give you clarity on the things that matter most. 

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5 key steps for succeeding with stakeholder feedback

1. Set goals
Identify what you want to achieve and by when.

2. Gather evidence
Overcome common issues such as increasing response rates and engaging the unengaged. 

3. Explore the evidence and draw conclusions
How not to be overwhelmed by the data.

4. Take action
Templates to share and communicate results & case studies of implementing survey findings.

5. Review and continue
How to measure progress year-on-year.



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