13/06/2024    10:00 am - 14:30 pm noon

People Power: Unlocking
Talent Capacity in Trusts

Join us for a dynamic and interactive webinar designed to help you unlock the full potential of your trust's greatest asset: your people.

This webinar is ideal for Directors of HR/HeadS of HR, CEOs and COOs or anyone championing staff and culture in Academy Trusts.

Why you should attend this webinar?

In today's rapidly evolving educational landscape, fostering a thriving and engaged workforce is crucial for success. This webinar equips trust leaders, Directors of HR/ Heads of HR, CEOs and COOs with actionable strategies to:

  • Prioritise staff wellbeing
  • Strengthen leadership practices
  • Minimise staff turnover

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Session 1: Staff wellbeing

  • Evaluate the latest wellbeing and mental health of UK teachers and education staff
  • Explore factors impacting staff wellbeing negatively 
  • Consider how wellbeing differs for staff with different background
  • Plan actionable steps to prioritise and communicate staff wellbeing

Session 2:Leadership strategies in school trusts

  • Assess prevalent leadership styles in top-performing trusts for HR insights
  • Gauge leaders' perspectives on practices' impact on performance and culture
  • Identify and address critical challenges in trust leadership
  • Adapt successful leadership practices for implementation in other trusts


Session 3: Staff retention

  • Investigate turnover patterns in schools
  • Identify at-risk staff members prone to resignation
  • Uncover root causes of turnover, including staff wellbeing factors
  • Propose and assess strategies to boost retention and measure success 


Session 4: People Strategy - The voice of staff

  • Lessons and good practice from six years of surveying staff
  • An insight into what HR in education may look like next year
  • What’s next? How we’re evolving with the sector




Jonny is the Chief Executive Officer of The Education Alliance Multi-Academy Trust since 2018. HE elected as the member of the DfE Regional Advisory Board for Yorkshire and Humber.


John has been a headteacher seven times in primary, secondary, special and all-through schools and has led one the largest UK MATs with 5,000 staff for the last 10 years. 


Ernest is the CEO of Edurio, England’s leading stakeholder feedback platform for schools and school trusts. He is a frequent public speaker both in the UK and internationally on the effective use of stakeholder feedback in schools and has published extensive research on stakeholder feedback, staff wellbeing and school improvement.


Imanta works with the Insights and Content team to build meaningful resources for customers around effective stakeholder feedback. She has developed and implemented guidebooks, seminars and other resources tailored to the needs of customers looking to get the most out of their survey data.


Iona leads on turning Edurio’s national datasets into useful and impactful insights for trust and school leaders. Since joining Edurio in 2021, Iona has worked on national reports focused on topics such as equality, diversity and inclusion and staff retention.


Ben is a Content and Insights Specialist and transforms survey data into meaningful reports for schools and trusts. He has worked in the Education Sector for six years, working in schools, private tuition, and for Bristol City Council.

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