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27/06/2023 - 10am - 2.30pm

Ideal for HR Directors and anyone championing staff and culture in Academy Trusts

People Power: Unlocking Talent Capacity in Trusts

Our national research reveals that developing a people strategy and putting staff first is both a priority and a challenge for Trusts right now.

During this webinar, you'll learn:

  • which staff members are most likely to resign 
  • how to create and communicate a staff EDI strategy
  • ways to cultivate a culture-centred approach
  • what works to gather and action stakeholder feedback

This event will help with not only staff retention but recruitment as well. 

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Session 1: Staff Retention by role

  • Unpick patterns in staff turnover in schools
  • Identify which staff members are most likely to resign 
  • Understand the causes of turnover
  • Ideas to improve and measure staff retention

Session 2: EDI among school staff

  • Understand the school experience of staff with different characteristics 
  • Consider how perceptions differ 
  • Discuss how to communicate your EDI commitment
  • Take away 25 key questions


Session 3: Culture-driven performance management

  • Reveal the benefits of a culture-centred approach
  • Identify key cultural behaviours in your trust
  • Cultivate a high-performance culture


Session 4: Edurio Update: Staff feedback for the future

  • Lessons from five years of surveying staff 
  • Good practice for gathering and actioning staff feedback 
  • What’s next? How we’re evolving with the sector



HR webinar June 23 speakers

Ernest is the CEO of Edurio, England’s leading stakeholder feedback platform for schools and school trusts. He is a frequent public speaker both in the UK and internationally on the effective use of stakeholder feedback in schools and has published extensive research on stakeholder feedback, staff wellbeing and school improvement.

Janis webinar landing page

Janis is a co-founder at Edurio and has cultivated processes to build a transparent and inclusive company culture with strong relationships and a clear focus on customer needs. Before Edurio, Janis was a researcher at University College London, focusing on models of human behaviour, and has also worked as a teacher in an all-through school.

Iona webinar landing page

Iona leads on turning Edurio’s national datasets into useful and impactful insights for trust and school leaders. Since joining Edurio in 2021, Iona has worked on national reports focused on topics such as equality, diversity and inclusion and staff retention.

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Ben is a Content and Insights Specialist and transforms survey data into meaningful reports for schools and trusts. He has worked in the Education Sector for six years, working in schools, private tuition, and for Bristol City Council.

Imanta HR webinar June 23 speakers (1)

Imanta works with the Insights and Content team to build meaningful resources for customers around effective stakeholder feedback. She has developed and implemented guidebooks, seminars and other resources tailored to the needs of customers looking to get the most out of their survey data.

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Guest speaker webinar landing page
Guest speaker webinar landing page
Guest speaker webinar landing page
Guest speaker webinar landing page



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