How Can Schools In England Improve Their Approach To Parental Engagement? 

Improving Parental Engagement: Research and Practice

On May 19th 2022, we presented the findings from Edurio's national review of parental engagement in English schools, learning about practical ways to improve parental engagement for your school or trust from our panel of industry experts.

Edurio's Head of Research shared the findings from our 2022 Parental Engagement Report, which is based on the feedback of over 16,000 parents and carers from 212 schools in England. The findings help shed light on parent and carer experiences and highlight the factors within the school leaders' control that have the biggest impact on parental engagement.

We were joined by a panel of experts from the Education Endowment Foundation, National Governance Association and Parental Engagement Network who offered practical strategies for improving parental engagement in schools and trusts. 


Parental Engagement Webinar speaker - Gary Aubin (SEND Content Specialist at Education Endowment Foundation)

Gary joined the EEF on secondment in September 2021. In his Content Specialist role, he aims to support schools to be evidence-informed in their practice for students with SEND. Alongside this, he leads on SEND provision for a Multi Academy Trust in London and Hertfordshire. He is a secondary Drama teacher and former SENDCO and Head of Year.

Parental Engagement Webinar speaker - Helen Beswick (Managing Director at Parental Engagement Network (CIC))

Helen initially trained and worked as a Learning Disabilities Nurse before undertaking various roles within the Greater Manchester Voluntary Sector, becoming part of the PEN team in 2016. Helen is passionate about recognising and developing inclusive learning relationships between families, education settings, and their wider communities.

Parental Engagement Webinar speaker - Sam Henson (Director of Policy and Information at NGA)

Sam oversees NGA’s policy, information and research service, ensuring it adds to the learning of the organisation and best improves the governance of schools while supporting the chief executive in leading the organisation. Sam is also the policy lead for NGA’s work on MATs and specialises in MAT governance structures and schemes of delegation.

Iona Jackson

Iona has 10 years of experience providing data, insights and research projects across several industries. Now heading up Edurio’s research team, comprising of education and survey specialists. Iona leads on turning Edurio’s national datasets into useful and impactful insights for trust and school leaders.

Areas covered by the Edurio Parent Experience Survey

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Effective Communication

Parents are asked to consider how the information the school shares and the communication channels it uses to fit their needs.

Four avatars within four seperate circles
Effective Collaboration

Parents have the opportunity to tell the school what assistance they would find most valuable.

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Mutual Trust and Respect

Parents and teachers are asked to reflect on their level of trust for each other and readiness to discuss issues openly and constructively.

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