Free Webinar:
Behaviour and Safety

Free Webinar: 
Behaviour and Safety

Perspectives of 400,000 school staff, pupils and parents

29/02/2024 10-11 am
Promoting Better Behaviour and Safety in English Schools

Join our enlightening one-hour webinar on Promoting Better Behaviour and Safety in English Schools, delving into crucial insights from our recent report, Behaviour and Safety: Key Trends and Challenges. Based on data collected over five years and spanning 400,000 participants, discover the concerning rise in disruptive incidents, with 1 in 5 staff members facing violence. 

Explore real-world examples of schools successfully managing behavioural issues during and after the pandemic. Learn how these schools improved safety, creating environments where staff and students flourish. 

Uncover the link between pupil behaviour and staff resignations, with a detailed analysis of the 43% considering leaving. Receive practical guidance on how to retain staff by addressing behavioural issues and promoting a supportive workplace culture.

The webinar will conclude with practical recommendations for creating environments that foster positive pupil behaviour. Discover successful approaches for reinforcing behavioural expectations, obtaining support for student behaviour issues, and creating a conducive learning environment. Walk away equipped with ideas to make your school a safe, calm, and dignified space for all.

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HR webinar June 23 speakers (1)

Sam is an esteemed figure in education and is renowned for his expertise in behaviour and safety within schools. Currently principal of a large all-through school, Sam's transformative leadership has propelled it to remarkable academic success. A noteworthy author of "Education Exposed," "Education Exposed 2," "The Behaviour Manual," and "They Don't Behave For Me," he continues to shape educational discourse through publications and keynotes.


HR webinar June 23 speakers

As a MSc Education graduate with multiple years of experience in Local Councils and Private Education Settings, Ben provides insights on topics such as Classroom Environments and School Leadership.

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