Culture-driven Recruitment guide

Culture-driven Recruitment guide

Improve your recruitment outcomes by embracing your organisation’s culture

Improve your recruitment outcomes by embracing your organisation’s culture

Recruitment challenges in English schools

Recruitment challenges in English schools

In March 2022, the Confederation of School Trusts and Edurio surveyed around 300 CEOs and accounting officers of English school trusts. We asked about their priorities for this coming academic year and any challenges they foresaw. Recruitment was the number one expected challenge heading into this academic year.

At Edurio, we have seen that schools and trusts that put culture at the heart of their hiring process find themselves in a stronger position to identify a candidate’s culture fit, allowing them to thrive within their organisation.

Furthermore, with more and more staff considering resignation, hiring people who fit and feel comfortable within the culture of your school or trust is a key priority.

In this guide, we will look at why culture matters when considering recruitment strategies and suggest how to make culture a differentiator in recruitment practices. Download the guide to learn more about:

  1. Key recruitment challenges in schools across England
  2. How to capture the culture of your organisation
  3. Turning culture into behaviour
  4. How to leverage your cultural values to improve the recruitment process
Culture-driven Recruitment

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Culture-driven Recruitment guide | Improve Your Recruitment Outcomes by Embracing Your Trust’s Culture

Do you want to understand your trust's community better? Use stakeholder feedback to keep track of culture, as well as other important topics like working conditions, learning process and engagement. 

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