Staff Retention Trends in Academies

Staff Retention in Academies

New research into teacher and education staff turnover

Experiences before, during, and after the lockdowns

Due out mid-June 2024

Our "Staff Retention Trends in Academies" report compiles insights from a comprehensive analysis of survey responses from 180,000  school staff over the past six years. Delving into the nuances of staff retention dynamics, we examine the impact of various factors on the likelihood of resignation, considering both school-level attributes, such as school phase, and individual attributes, like the respondent's role in the school.

Key topics explored:

  • Identifying High-Risk Roles: Discover which positions within schools are most susceptible to resignation.
  • Workplace Optimism: Uncover school attributes such as Ofsted ratings and trust size, and explore their connection to resignation.
  • Drivers of Retention: Investigate the factors that strongly correlate with staff retention, offering actionable insights for improving retention strategies.

Understanding these retention trends is essential for school and trust leaders to develop targeted strategies aimed at retaining valuable staff members. This report equips leaders with the knowledge needed to address retention challenges effectively, ensuring the stability and success of their school communities.

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