Materials & templates

Our Stakeholder Feedback Hub has over 20 adaptable resources to download for free. To access them, please fill in the form and we'll email you the link and password.

  • [SLIDE DECK] Introduction to Stakeholder Feedback
  • [ONE PAGER] Why Stakeholder feedback is important
  • [WORKSHEET] Setting goals
  • [WORKSHEET] Team alignment
  • [WORKSHEET] Roles and responsibilities
  • [TEMPLATE]  Survey timeline
  • [EXAMPLE] Process check-ins
  • [LETTER TEMPLATES] Introducing the survey

  • [POSTER TEMPLATES] Introducing the survey

  • [EMAIL TEMPLATE] Thank you email

  • [POSTER] "Thank you for your feedback!"

  • [GUIDE] Analysis guide

  • [GUIDE] Analysing results together guide

  • [WORKSHEET] Exploring other data sources worksheet

  • [SLIDE DECK] Example of Edurio results report

  • [TEMPLATE] Blank results report template

  • [PLAN] Data Communication plan

  • [TEMPLATE] Results presentation template

  • [POSTER TEMPLATE] "You said, we did"

  • [TIMELINE TEMPLATE] Action timeline

  • [SLIDE DECK] Action timeline presentation

  • [WORKSHEET] Review worksheet

You can share and adapt the materials by providing a link to the original documents and indicating if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner but not in any way that suggests that Edurio endorses you or your use.

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