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Edurio surveys have been designed to give schools and Trusts insight into their most essential needs. We develop our survey instruments in partnership with researchers and practitioners. Click into any topic in our library to understand them in more detail, access insights on the topic or sign up to take part.

Experience Surveys:

Staff Experience

Staff Experience and Wellbeing survey measures the key factors that lead to improved staff retention and wellbeing in schools.

Pupil Learning Experience

Pupil Learning Experience and Wellbeing survey helps school and trust leaders better understand pupils’ learning experience and wellbeing.

Parent Experience

Parent Experience survey
asks parents and teachers about their mutual trust, and the school's parental engagement policies.

Deep-dive Surveys:

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Staff Equality, Diversity and Inclusion survey provides insights on how staff with different backgrounds feel in your schools.


Pupil Safeguarding survey provides insights on the level of safety felt by pupils in various school settings.

Local Governance

Effective Local Governance survey collects feedback from local governing bodies and school leaders to help improve the efficiency of governance.

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