Parent Experience Survey

The Edurio Parent Experience survey will help trust and school leaders guide their strategy for engaging parents and carers.

The survey and its results will spark a deeper and more meaningful conversation about how your parents are engaged with the school and their child's learning. The survey will help you analyse which current engagement strategies work and which strategies need adjustments. 

Edurio has helped over 1500 schools in the UK and internationally to analyse stakeholder feedback. We partner with leading school groups and academic institutions to design pupil, parent and staff survey instruments that help school leaders make better decisions.

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Survey Research topics

The survey instrument was developed in collaboration with the UCL Institute of Education, with guidance from parental NGOs and practising teachers from across England. The surveys cover key criteria for building successful partnerships between the school and the parent community. 

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Effective Collaboration

Parents have the opportunity to tell the school what assistance they would find most valuable. Teachers evaluate the support currently available from the school leadership.


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Mutual Trust and Respect

Parents and teachers are asked to reflect on their level of trust for each other and readiness to discuss issues openly and constructively.

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Effective Communication

Parents are asked to consider how the information the school shares and the communication channels it uses fit their needs. Teachers share how well the school’s approach ensures that parents get the information they need.

More Details About Our Parent Experience Survey 

Tailoring: It is important that the survey reflects the values and ethos of your organisation. You will be able to work with our specialists to add custom questions.

Edurio platform: We provide seamless surveying, accessible but powerful analytics, tracking progress and other useful features. 

Trust and national benchmarking: Survey results can be compared to a trust and national level benchmark providing you with a national picture for comparison.

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What Others Say: 

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"We really acknowledge that improving parental engagement will ultimately improve the education and the outcomes of our pupils."

Anna Cannizzaro - United Learning

"We are very pleased with our results, it was fantastic to hear that our primary schools staff engagement outperforms others in such a large MAT survey sample. But we equally value the constructive feedback in areas for improvement. The free text responses have provided us with rich qualitative data that school leaders are sharing and working on with staff, and it is certainly informing my HR strategy in The Good Shepherds Trust’s journey of continuous improvement."

 Joanne Cambra - The Good Shepherd Trust

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Our prices start from £250 per school

If you are interested in learning more, we would be happy to schedule a video call to demonstrate the Edurio platform and discuss the Parent Experience survey in more detail.

During the call (30-45 minutes) you will:

  • Have a look at the survey questions
  • Get to know the data collection process
  • Experience Edurio results exploration
  • Receive answers to any additional questions you may have

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Edurio is the UK’s leading stakeholder feedback platform for schools. We run research projects in the UK and internationally and create guidance reports for school leaders and policymakers. Edurio’s survey platform allows easy feedback collection from pupils, parents and staff members on important topics.

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