Covid-19 has already had a massive impact on education systems globally. Schools have had temporary closures in many countries and further closures might follow. In these circumstances, it has been inspiring to see many education technology and service providers rally to support schools and communities through this difficult and anxious time.

One thing schools should do now is engage with the parent community, both to understand what they can do to ensure continuity of learning and to let them know that they will not be left alone in case of school closures. While it is a stressful time for schools, many parents and carers are in the dark about what would happen if schools in their region closed, amplifying the anxiety.

In response to the threat, our survey design team with guidance from educators globally has designed a simple set of questions you can ask your parents to understand their readiness for a home schooling scenario and where they may need support.

We have attached this as PDF and XLS files which you are welcome to use. If you would like our help in running this readiness audit for your school at no cost, please reach out to and we’ll gladly help you!

We’ve been very fortunate to have the support and guidance from many school leaders globally through the years - the sense of community in education is like no other. We look forward to things being back to normal and in the meanwhile, stay healthy and support each other!