Edurio Platform Features 

Edurio’s web platform allows school groups to administer and analyse feedback surveys from students, parents, teachers, governors and trustees in order to continuously improve the quality of education. In this page, we'll go through the platform features that will help you effortlessly gather the data and evidence you need to help supporting your school or trust. 


Edurio’s benchmarking allows you to compare your trust’s schools against themselves and against the national average. 

By using Edurio, you’ll be able to see this benchmarking in relation to your overall scores on your executive summary and within each module or question. 

When using this information at a question level, you’ll be able to assess whether or not your scores match or fall behind the national average. 

This can also be downloaded as an image to be used later in further reports or presentations. 

Our benchmarking offers:

  • Easy access to see if you’re doing better or less well than academy trusts across England
  • A national benchmark available for each graph and for the executive summary - great for sharing with your trustees or governers 
  • Separate overall, primary school and secondary school benchmarks available
Platform features - Benchmark

Comparisons and Filters 

Our platform also provides comparisons across different subgroups and filters which allows you to: 

  • Breakdown your survey results into smaller bitesized chunks 
  • Compare between schools or further focus on individual schools
  • Get a nuanced insight by exploring the impact of staff role, school type, or demographic variables

In this image, we've broken down the data to look at how comfortable staff feel during the recruitment process based on their 'workload' within one school of a trust. 

Platform features - Comparisons and Filters

Executive Summary 


On the first page of your results, our executive summary gives you:

  • A quick overview of your trust's average responses against the benchmark
  • Highlighted strengths and areas of improvement
  • A downloadable PDF ready for reports and presentations


Platform features - Executive Summary


Our matrix view provides you with a heat map of your trust's responses and helps you:  

  • Easily view the strengths of your trust
  • Quickly decide where action needs to be taken
  • Visually understand each school's performance in the survey
Platform features - Matrix



To help you make use of the information we gather you can download the data for printing or sharing.

  • Individual module/question responses (including benchmarking where relevant) 
  • Executive summary 
  • Matrix view
Platform features - Downloads

If you'd like to know more about how Edurio can help you, get in touch today! 

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