How Have Schools Coped With Covid-19?

45’338 parents, pupils and school staff from 277 schools across England have completed the Edurio Covid-19 Impact Review surveys. At the time of publication, this is England's largest cross-stakeholder study of the impact of Covid-19 on schools.


Edurio Covid-19 Impact Review

The review has been designed in partnership with United Learning. It consists of  pupil, parent and staff survey instruments that measure four key areas that have been fundamental to a strong school response to the Covid-19 disruption - learning, well-being, community, and leadership.

The report describes the school performance in these key areas as well as their stakeholder sense of safety and general satisfaction during the summer term.

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Find out:

  • How teachers organised work in different settings;
  • How pupils progressed with their studies and how many may need additional support;
  • What was the impact of Covid-19 on the emotional well-being of pupils, staff and parents;
  • How stakeholders felt about the actions of school leadership during the disruption.

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