How successful is your Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy?

Participate in the Edurio Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Review and gain a better understanding of how staff with different backgrounds, identities, experiences and needs feel in your school or Trust.

The review provides insights on measures of equality, diversity and inclusion as well as explores the quality of your organisation’s recruitment and advancement processes. Participation will help you develop a sustainable action plan that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion across your organisation and contribute to a nationwide study on this important issue. You can sign up now and we will run the review in January-February 2021.

Edurio has helped over 1500 schools in the UK and internationally to analyse stakeholder feedback. We partner with leading school groups and academic institutions to design pupil, parent and staff survey instruments that help school leaders make better decisions.


Research topics

The survey instrument was designed by Edurio in partnership with Academies Enterprise Trust and Mandy Coalter, the founder of Talent Architects. The survey instrument is based on research and practitioner interviews and validated with thousands of school staff members to make sure they accurately evaluate the key themes - equality, diversity and inclusion. The review looks at on-the-job experience as well as the recruitment process and career progression.


Equality, or equal opportunity, is a concept underpinned by legislation that requires organisations to provide access to participation to all individuals and groups and take action to protect those discriminated against.

Survey themes
Staff benefits and compensation
Flexible working opportunities
Discrimination reporting procedures


Diversity looks at how reflective the workplace is of differences in the community. We are all different whether because of our physical abilities and qualities, appearance, life and work experience, commitments or other experiences.

Survey themes
Diversity of staff body
Diversity of leadership
Role models in leadership


Inclusion is the feeling of every staff member of being respected, valued, safe and trusted. Staff members in inclusive environments have a sense of belonging and are able to be their best selves and to do their best work.

Survey themes
Sense of belonging
Relationship with colleagues
Safety to be your true self

Cost of participation

We have designed the project so that any school can take part at no cost and get access to the insights that can help guide your work. Three ways of participating in the research are available:

No Cost

PDF summary of your school’s results

Top strengths and areas of improvement identified

Participate in the national report

PDF summary of your school’s results

Top strengths and areas of improvement identified

Participate in the national report

Benchmarked results

Interactive detailed results for your school benchmarked against similar schools

Cost depends on school size

Tailored research

Tailor the survey to your needs with Edurio survey design expert guidance

Run the survey as a personalised email campaign

School's branding and custom communication

Call with Edurio's education team to review your results

Express interest

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Edurio’s research

Edurio is the UK’s leading stakeholder feedback platform for schools. We run research projects in the UK and internationally and create guidance reports for school leaders and policymakers. Edurio’s survey platform allows easy feedback collection from pupils, parents and staff members on important topics.

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