Safeguarding Webinar

We are thrilled to announce that on Thursday, 17th of November, at 10 am, we are holding a webinar to uncover the initial results of The Pupil Safeguarding Review, by Edurio and The Key.

Six weeks and 70,000 responses later, pupils across England have provided a rich source of insight into the picture of safeguarding in English schools. Thanks to a national dataset of this size, we plan to present and discuss the effectiveness of safeguarding strategies at scale.

The webinar will consist of two parts:

Part 1


Presentation of the nationwide data with reflections on the overall survey process and the general impact of the survey across English schools.

Part 2

Walkthrough of the Edurio platform with suggestions on how not to get lost in the data while getting the most out of your organisation's results.

Safeguarding webinar – Katie

Even if you don’t make it, we will share the recording and other resources shortly after the webinar.

See you in...





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