The Edurio Platform 

Edurio’s platform allows trusts and schools to administer and analyse feedback surveys from students, parents, teachers, governors and trustees in order to continuously improve the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, and leadership and management. Scroll down to learn more about our features.

Edurio platform results

National and Trust Benchmarks

Compare your trust’s schools against the national average.

  • Easy access to see if you’re doing better or less well than academy trusts across England
  • A national benchmark available for each graph and for the executive summary - great for sharing with your trustees or governers 
  • Separate overall, primary school and secondary school benchmarks available
  • A trust benchmark available for each graph and for the executive summary, so school leaders can see how they compare to the rest of their trust

Your schools can compare their results against the trust and national benchmarks.

Edurio benchmark

Here’s what David Harris, CEO of EEEA, has to say about benchmarks:

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Filters and Comparison

Edurio platform filters

Zoom in on one or more groups and understand their experience in more depth.

  • Break down your survey results into smaller bitesized chunks 
  • Focus on an individual school or school group
  • Get a nuanced insight by exploring the impact of staff role, school type, or demographic variables


Visually compare the results of different subgroups and demographics. 

  • Compare between schools, roles, or demographic variables
  • Highlight the groups who may be doing better or worse than the average across your organisation
Edurio platform comparison

Here’s what our customer, Michael Cowland, CEO of Diocese of Coventry MAT, had to say about filters:

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Custom Trust Report

Executive summary

A custom trust report that highlights top strengths and areas of improvement, benchmarks your data against others, and includes commentary for extra context. 

  • Key performance indicators, highlighted strengths and areas of improvement
  • Your trust's average responses against the benchmark
  • A downloadable PDF ready for reports and presentations

Here’s what our customers say about our reports:

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Trust-wide Comparison

Paying customers gain the advantage of a trust-wide view, with questions mapped for each school. 

  • Easily view the strengths across your trust
  • Quickly decide where action needs to be taken
  • Visually understand each school's performance in the survey
Edurio platform Matrix

Here’s what our customer said about the brightly-coloured matrix:

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Dedicated Implementation Specialists

Edurio CS Team

Here’s what some of our customers have said about working with the team:

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For customers who upgrade to the full Edurio service, you will have a dedicated Edurio implementation specialist on hand to help you through the service. This includes: 

  • Consulting on bespoke questions
  • Maximising response rates
  • Getting the most out of the wealth of data you’ll gather from the survey

Madara, Ance, Mikelis and Sintija have been working with our customers over the last few years to deliver an excellent service, ease the project load, and overall act as a partner throughout the survey and beyond as you develop your action plans.

Bespoke Questions

Whilst this survey has been designed with trust safeguarding leads, to ensure it is relevant for the needs of the sector, there are always nuances that should be taken into account based on the context of your own organisation. By upgrading to the full Edurio service, you are able to add a small number of additional questions, supported by our survey experts, to help round out the picture for your trust.

Here’s what David Harris had to say about bespoke questions:

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As part of this, it will also be possible to include a contact form for pupils to identify themselves and reach out directly for support.

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