The Pupil Safeguarding Review

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If you would like to better understand the impact of your school and trust’s safeguarding efforts, participating in The Edurio Safeguarding Survey can provide the feedback you need.

✅ Evaluate your trust's safeguarding strategy at scale
Uncover aspects of safeguarding not covered by policy audits and incident trackers
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The new Edurio pupil safeguarding diagnostic, designed with trust safeguarding experts, will provide insights on factors contributing to a safe environment, the level of safety felt in various school settings and pupils' understanding of what to do if they feel unsafe.

Edurio helps over 2,000 schools in England carry out regular pupil, parent, and staff surveys in order to build organisations where people thrive.

Research topics

The survey reviews the effectiveness of school safeguarding policy with the main aim of understanding whether pupils feel safe in various settings, and whether their school has prepared them for what to do if they do not. We developed this survey in partnership with a group of experts ranging from trust safeguarding leads, to safeguarding audit specialists and research experts.

Main areas of the Edurio Safeguarding Review survey

Understanding pupil perceptions of RSE/PSHE curriculum based on DfE guidance, including expectations around appropriate behaviour in relationships, where they are learning about different topics and whether they know what to do if they feel unsafe

Treatment of others
Assessing pupil perceptions of the importance of different qualities, and how well they feel they treat others

Feelings of safety
How safe pupils feel in different settings, and whether anything has happened to them that makes them feel unsafe

Access to help
Understanding what happened when pupils have sought help, how quickly issues are resolved, and identifying what may be stopping a pupil raising an issue at school

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