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step 1 Choose your survey content

  A     Access your Survey Design account

survey design account (trust)

   Choose your survey content

  • Go to the Surveys section found in the sidebar on the left hand side:
    • Choose one of the many Edurio surveys (Show more)
    • Create a custom survey by clicking on Create custom survey
creating a survey template circles (3)

   Organise a consulation video call with Edurio (optional)

  • You can reach out to our Implementation team via implementation@edurio.com to talk through the content of your survey. We'll be happy to help and advise!


step 1 Inform Edurio

  A    Inform Edurio the survey is ready

  • Once you're happy with the final version of the survey, inform us via implementation@edurio.com, share the name of the survey

  B    Wait for Edurio's confirmation

  • Within 1 working day, Edurio team will set up survey links for you and will inform you once they're available on the platform



step 1 Launch your survey

  A    Communicate link availability to school administrators

  • Each school will have its own link available to them through their Edurio administrator account

  B    Ask schools to distribute the links amongst respondents

  • Each school should then distribute their link with the appropriate respondents
  • We suggest sharing a document with school Heads with all the relevant information about the survey - you can make a copy and adapt this template!

  C    Monitor response counts and drive engagement

  • Through the Edurio platform, you’ll be able to monitor response rates in the Results section
  • Remind schools and respondents to make their voices heard!


step 1 Close your survey

  A    Confirm close date

  • Liase with Edurio and confirm the close date of your survey

  B    Wait for Edurio to enrich the platform for you

  • We will add filters and benchmarks (if applicable) to your surveys results in 2 working days

  C    Start working with your results!

  • Access your Trust's administrator account
  • Go to the Results section found in the sidebar on the left hand side
  • Click on Results to start analysing your results
  • Reach out to your Customer Success manager to organise a results meeting! (optional)

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