Survey Analysis Webinar
& Edurio Office Hours

Free Webinar: Improving School Trusts


Monday, 11th March at 2pm
Survey Analysis Webinar

For Edurio current and soon-to-be customers

We are hosting this exclusive webinar for our customers who are looking for opportunities to master the analysis phase of your Strategic Feedback Cycle. By joining the webinar, you will be able to learn how to:

  • Start analysing survey results
  • Apply it to your context
  • Compare results to benchmarks
  • Compare results to other data source

Thursday, 14th March at 2pm
Edurio Office Hours

Exclusively for Edurio customers

Shortly after the survey analysis webinar, we are welcoming you to our open door discussion - a free and comfortable space to ask any questions and to network with other trust and school leaders running Edurio surveys. The office hour will a great chance to:

  • Meet with like minded trust and school leaders
  • Discuss questions that arose from the webinar
  • Ask any questions around gathering and actioning feedback

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