Governance Surveys

We created this survey bundle for MAT and school leaders to guide their strategy for improving local governing bodies. The survey content was developed in collaboration with researchers at UCL Institute of Education, with additional guidance from MAT leaders. It also takes into account the work of the UK Department for Education on this issue. 

Run this survey to: Get an overview of governance quality and any inconsistencies in your organisation. Make school-to-school comparisons about strengths and weaknesses, identifying areas of confusion. Provide the evidence to build stronger links for collaboration between governing bodies and the school leadership team. Provide an opportunity to align on the roles and responsibilities of governors and the school leadership team. Invite those involved to reflect on their knowledge and skills in regards to governance processes.

Get insights into: Process efficiency, quality of meetings and workload, strategic alignment, shared vision, governor capabilities.

Respondents: Governors and school leadership teams.

Length: 24-27 questions (about 10 min)


"Everything we do, we can do better and one very powerful way of improving what you're doing is by getting good quality feedback and acting intelligently in response to that feedback."

— Jon Coles, United Learning

Areas Addressed by the Surveys 

The survey covers a self-audit of school governors and school leaders and investigates a range of specific topics that have been highlighted as key to successful systems of governance:

1. Process Efficiency

Structure and Schemes of delegation

Meetings and workload

A clear process of governance is important for ensuring valuable oversight of schools. Clear schemes of delegation are increasingly important as local governing bodies adapt to their role within a multi-academy trust. At a school level, efficient conduct day-to-day work, particularly  meetings, help the local governors meet their statutory responsibilities.

2. Strategic Alignment



Shared Vision

The survey also investigates the alignment between the local governors and the school leadership team (SLT), and its impact on the quality of governance. An effective governance requires frequent communication between the SLT and the local governing body; collaboration between the governance structures of the school and of the multi-academy trust; and a shared vision of the school's strategic improvement goals that is clear to both, the local governors and the school leadership team. 

3. Governor Capabilities

To explore ways in which a local governing body might be strengthened, governors are asked to reflect on the capacity and skills of their local governing body to fulfill its core statutory functions — ensure a clarity of vision for the school, and hold the school leadership accountable for the education and financial performance of their institution.

More Details

Tailoring: It is important that the survey reflects the values and ethos of your organisation so you are able to add custom questions.

Edurio platform: We provide seamless surveying, simple and powerful analysis, tracking progress and other useful features. Read more here.

Trust and national benchmarking: Survey results can be compared to a trust and national level benchmark as soon as adequate amount of respondents have completed the survey.


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