Building an Effective Staff Experience and Wellbeing Survey

We created the Edurio Staff Experience and Wellbeing Survey to help trust and school leaders guide their strategy for staff wellbeing by better understanding the key elements of the working conditions and relationships in your organisation. The survey was developed in collaboration with the UCL Institute of Education, with guidance from multi-academy trusts and school leaders across England.

Run this survey to: Evaluate staff wellbeing and understand the key risks to staff retention for your organisation. Compare your staff wellbeing score with England's largest national benchmark.

Get insights into: Workload, professional support, career development, leadership dynamics, staff relationships, student behaviour and other key factors

Respondents: All staff (with some questions just for teachers)

Suggested length: 40-60 questions (10-15 minutes)


Here at Edurio, we created the Pupil Learning and Well-being Review to help school and trust leaders better understand pupils’ learning experience and well-being.

Our review monitors critical elements of pupil experience and well-being at school to help you better understand your pupils’ needs and priorities and design strategies to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. 


Staff Wellbeing question examples


The survey is structured by grouping questions into modules. Each module consists of questions that are internally consistent, reliable and useful. We recommend you to build your survey by enabling and disabling the modules based on your priorities, but to not change any questions inside a module.

There are 3 categories of modules for the Staff Wellbeing survey: 

Essential modules
Essential modules form the basis of the rest of the survey and are essential for results analysis.


Core modules
Core modules are the core drivers of staff retention and they have been used the most.

Leadership dynamics
Professional support
Professional support: Line manager
Trust perception
General job satisfaction
Open questions

Optional modules
Optional modules investigate one facet of school life, which can contribute to staff satisfaction. If this is not a priority area for your Trust, or if you do not have capacity to invest here, this module should be disabled.

Staff support and relationships
Workload: Time on tasks
Pay and Benefits
Career opportunities
Student behaviour
Response to Covid-19

Trust and National Benchmarks

Survey results can be compared to a national level benchmark if they are not edited.

Module benchmark
You can obtain the national module benchmark if no questions inside the module have been changed (disabled or edited).

Question benchmark
You can obtain the national question benchmark if the question itself and all answer options have not been changed.

Trust benchmark
Your schools will be able to select Trust benchmark for all questions except open questions.

Benchmarks are not available for open questions. 

Benchmarking a Staff Wellbeing survey question

Your questions

It is important that the survey reflects the values and ethos of your organisation so you are able to add custom questions.

If you have any questions to add, please summarize them and sent to your Edurio Customer Success Manager by email.

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