Ahmed Abed

Abed Ahmed
Head of Department (Maths)
King Edwards VI Handsworth Wood Girls Academy

Amy Ferguson

Amy Ferguson
Deputy Headteacher
Independent Special School

Abed is maths teacher who stammers. He is also leading a maths department through a pandemic. However, becoming a teacher has not been easy for Abed as he had many obstacles along way. Coming from a deprived area and being a person with a speech & language communication need meant he had to work harder.

Abed is maths teacher who stammers. He is also leading a maths department through a pandemic. However, becoming a teacher has not been easy for Abed as he had many obstacles along way. Coming from a deprived area and being a person with a speech & language communication need meant he had to work harder.

Performing Arts (Dance & Drama) teacher for 11 years, originally from Birmingham. Part of the LGBTed Steering group and radio host of Saturday Brunch on Teachers Talk Radio. 

Angie Browne

Angie Browne 
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Consultant
Angie Browne

Claire Birkenshaw

Claire Birkenshaw
Lecturer in Childhood and Education
Leeds Becket University

Angie is an experienced education leader, speaker, author, and DEI Consultant. After carving a successful path through school leadership Angie became Deputy CEO of a multi-academy trust before deciding to follow her passion of coaching others to create luminary practice in schools with ethical leadership and DEI coaching.

Claire has worked in education for 30 years. During those 30 years she has held various posts which have included subject specific roles or senior leadership positions in secondary education. Currently, she is a lecturer in Childhood and Education and Director for the Centre of LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Education at Leeds Beckett University.

David Hermitt

David Hermitt
Retired Founding CEO
The Learning Alliance

David Weston

David Weston
Founder and CEO
The Teacher Development Trust

David is an Educational Consultant and former founding CEO of The Learning Alliance. David is now employed as a Consultant providing Universities, Trust Boards and Academies with leadership support. David is currently doing research as a doctoral candidate specialising in Equality Diversity and Inclusion and regularly speaks on a wide range of topics linked to equality issues.

David is the founder and Chief Executive of the Teacher Development Trust and an advisor to the Department for Education on teacher development and school leadership. He is also an advocate for LGBT teachers and founded OutTeacher, which has become LGBTed and has written and spoken extensively in the media on LGBT teachers.

Ernest Jenavs

Ernest Jenavs
Co-Founder and CEO

Hannah Wilson

Hannah Wilson
Diverse Educators

Ernest is a frequent public speaker globally on effective use of stakeholder feedback in schools and has published research on student feedback and assessment. Ernest advises several school trusts and national school systems and participates in policy debates by the OECD and European Commission.

Hannah is the Co-Founder of #WomenEd and #DiverseEd, she is a leadership development consultant, coach and trainer specialising in diversity, equity and inclusion. Her former roles in education include Head of Secondary Teacher Training; Founding Executive Headteacher; Strategic Lead for a Teaching School Alliance; Professional Learning Lead for a large trust and DfE Diversity grant holder.


Iona Jackson
Head of Research

Jerrel Jackson

Jerrel D Jackson FRSA, MIoD
Chief Creative Changemaker
Creative Academies Network

Iona has 10 years of experience providing data, insights and research projects across several industries. Now heading up Edurio’s research team, comprising of education and survey specialists. Iona leads on turning Edurio’s national datasets into useful and impactful insights for trust and school leaders.

Jerrel is a social entrepreneur from the Midlands and founding Chief Creative Changemaker (CEO) of Creative Academies Network (CAN). Jerrel holds a variety of roles on strategic boards & advisory panels across the social, cultural, leisure and education sectors and funders/commissioners, with his experience to diversify leadership representation, but also encapsulating collective voice to address inequality, injustices and inclusion.

Laura McConnell

Laura McConnell
Disability Consultant 
Laura McConnell

Leora High res

Leora Cruddas
Confederation of School Trusts

Laura McConnell is a disability consultant who specialises in building the capacity of clients to support their disabled staff, and increase the accessibility of their business.
Laura has worked on projects within the NHS, education, the criminal justice sector, and a variety of corporate clients.
Laura presents a weekly disability focused radio show called “Representation Matters” and has been involved in several media campaigns to increase Autism acceptance.

Leora is CEO of the Confederation of School Trusts – the national organisation and sector body for school trusts in England. She has advised successive governments and sits on several DfE Advisory Bodies. She was recently the vice chair of the Head Teacher Standards Review Group. She is Visiting Professor at UCL Institute of Education.

Michael Hastings

Lord Dr Michael Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE 
Black Business Institute Advisory Board

Mandy Coalter

Mandy Coalter
Talent Architects

Lord Dr Hastings began his career as a teacher, before moving into government service. He was the BBC’s head of Public Affairs and its first head of Corporate Social Responsibility. He served on the Commission for Racial Equality for nine years as a Commissioner. He was listed at number six on the 2016 list of 100 Black British Business Leaders.

Mandy is the Founder of ‘Talent Architects’ with a simple mission; helping schools become great places for pupils to learn by being great places for adults to work. She was formerly the Director of People at United Learning and is the author of Talent Architects; how to make your school a great place to work.

Sajid Gulzar

Sajid Gulzar
Executive Headteacher and CEO
Prince Albert Community Trust

Sufian Sadiq

Sufian Sadiq
Director of Teaching School
Chiltern Learning Trusts 

Sajid is the founding CEO of the Prince Albert Community Trust (PACT). Sajid is a National Leader of Education and a guest lecturer at the University of Birmingham’s Education Leadership Academy and has served on the West Midlands Regional School’s Commissioner’s Head Teacher Board since 2017. In June 2019 Sajid was awarded an OBE for Services to Education.

Sufian is the Director of the Teaching School at Chiltern Learning Trust, a cross-phase multi-academy trust of 11 schools based in and around Luton.  He is part of the senior team of the highly successful MAT, which have just announced they are managing two of 81 new regional Teaching School Hubs.

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