Gain deeper insights into your trust strengths and areas of improvement

Trust Staff Well-being and Retention Report

This report will:
Help your Executive and HR teams understand what are your trust strengths and areas of improvement regarding staff well-being. Find out what your staff appreciate about working at your Trust or school, and which factors increase staff risk of resigning.

Get insights into:

  • How your trust compares to other UK trusts and what are your unique strengths and areas for improvement.
  • What those members of staff who are at a high risk of resigning say about workload, professional support, career development, leadership dynamics, staff relationships and other key factors that influence employee satisfaction and wellbeing;
  • Which schools are at the higher risk of losing staff and why;

You will get:

  • A print-friendly 5-10 page long report in the PDF format.

If you are interested in a report use this form to reach out to us and our representative will contact you.

About Edurio

We believe that in order to improve education, it is critical to understand the unique perspectives and experiences of pupils, their parents and members of staff. Our team of education and design experts has developed industry leading research-based surveys and a unique survey and analytics platform for Trusts. We are working with over 500 schools across England to use stakeholder feedback more strategically and improve the quality of education they provide.




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